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About Us

R.T.S. Paranormal Investigations™®, a small, non-profit group based in Massachusetts, takes ghost hunting seriously and approaches the subject of the paranormal professionally and objectively.

R.T.S. Paranormal Investigations™® is equipped with the necessary technology and experience to provide clients with an accurate and efficient investigation. Safety is our number one concern, as our safety supervisor inspects every site prior to each investigation and team members work in pairs in all possible instances. We also keep our findings confidential, as each case report remains private and locked in our records. We will only publish reports from public investigations or with the consent of our clients.

Our growing R.T.S. team investigates claims of paranormal activity throughout New England and the mid-Atlantic states. R.T.S. Paranormal Investigations™® has the ability to mobilize quickly, making both scheduling and servicing our clients uncomplicated endeavors. We keep all information private and will respect all rules and privacy. All investigations are free.

If you would like to reach R.T.S. Paranormal Investigations™®, you can contact us via E-mail at RTSP@RTSParanormalInvestigation.com. We will respond within 48 hours.