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R.T.S. in the News

Wrentham's Ghost Hunters - Thursday, October 29, 2009
Wrentham Times

As Halloween approaches the days feel shorter and the mind starts questioning, "What's roaming in the woods?" or "What caused that creak in the house?" It's the time of year when what divides the world of the living and the realm of the dead thins allowing spirits to roam the land. At least, that might be what this time of year means, if you believe in ghosts and specters.

There is a group based right in Wrentham that is out to document the paranormal, hauntings, or to simply find out what caused that bump in the night. Founded by Wrentham resident Andrew Tocci and his fiancé Heather Sliney, R.T.S. Paranormal Investigations™, attempts to help their clients understand seemingly supernatural happenings. "We are here to help the client explain what's going on," says Tocci. "What are they hearing and seeing?"

Through the use of a variety of equipment that measures heat, records sound and video, and through investigation of sites, the group attempts to determine if there is a haunting or another source causing unusual activity like sounds, mysterious door openings and closings, and other ghostly type happenings. The hope is to document what is causing the strange activity and to give a homeowner some comfort. "Ninety percent of the time it is not paranormal," says Tocci stating his group of volunteers works hard to find the causes, such as construction flaws or gas leaks.

R.T.S. Paranormal Investigations™ is part of a field that is new, unregulated, and a little cutthroat. "The paranormal field is very competitive," explains Tocci stating that groups are known to steal evidence of haunted activities such as pictures and audio files. Also, clients are highly sought. If a person's home or hotel is believed to be haunted, other paranormal teams want to document the activity. Tocci says there are three types of paranormal investigative groups: one that always finds a place haunted, one that simply plays around with expensive equipment, or what he says R.T.S. is which is trying to truly document paranormal activities.

Despite being in operation since 2006, the R.T.S. Team has not documented any paranormal activities in Wrentham but they have gathered some evidence. The group regularly trains on the equipment and travels to reportedly known haunted sites. This past weekend the group went to Marlborough to conduct a training session. R.T.S. doesn't charge its clients for their service and, if they do believe a site is haunted, they cannot provide any assistance on removing the supernatural phenomena.